Food Stall Project

In this project, children got a chance to open actual food stalls at the summer festival “Nomachi JAM,” which is held every summer at the Kanazawa Mirai no Machi Creation Center.

 This project let the children make ample use of their summer vacation to go through all the steps of creating a food stall from scratch.

 That included not just food stall planning, but also schedule management, pricing, shift management, service design, cost accounting, operating the stall after opening, settling accounts after the event, and more.

 In this way, the project was fraught with many new challenges, but the children persevered through adversity, albeit facing difficulties.

 In the end, the event proved to be deeply enjoyable for all.

 It was more successful than we could have even imagined. We were thronged with guests, with many items selling out quickly, and long, snaking lines.

 The children were all smiles after seeing the event to a succesful completion. In total, the stalls the children ran brought in over 200,000 JPY in revenue!