Shokujuku (“Food School”) is a new project launched by VIVISTOP Kanazawa and the Kanazawa Institute of Food Tech & Art.

 At Shokujuku, parents and children learn the art of preparing various dishes and culinary techniques directly from institute researchers and chefs.

 However, the greatest appeal of the Shokujuku is that courses don’t end with just learning how to cook.

 Course participants engage in cooking food while learning about the culture and stories behind it, the customs, seasonality, and folklore, and discover where, when, and how it came to be eaten, and how those traditions have been passed down into the present.

 This background brings a new dimension to the food we eat on a daily basis and introduces unexpected insights. At Shokujuku, the aim is to enhance the everyday eating experience by giving people insights in preparation, techniques, and deeper knowledge of cuisine, letting parent and child alike explore food from multiple angles.