Nomachi JAM


At the second installment of the Nomachi JAM, fast becoming a staple summer festival, we had countless food trucks and stalls decorating the space. The key topics for the event were creating a festival with low environmental impact and reusable tableware, seeking to reduce the amount of waste produced. Moreover, we introduced “eco-stations” as a way to properly sort the garbage that is inevitably produced, as well reuse that which is viable. The entire event was structured around making the topic of environmental impact something relatable, with a key focus on thinking about the future.


The Nomachi JAM event was held under the theme of "a summer festival where we can play music together, illuminate the night together, and co-create." The goal was creating a festival in tandem with local residents in such a way that they would feel more connected to the Kanazawa Mirai no Machi Creation Center. The Nomachi JAM featured numerous food stalls, luxurious food trucks, and DJ booths organized by local residents, and it was a rousing success, seeing about 2,000 attendees.