Waku Waku Festival


Waku Waku Festival 2023

The Waku Waku Festival is designed to showcase to local residents the results of our work at the Kanazawa Mirai no Machi Creation Center. On March 2023, the second installment of the event was held. A wide range of exciting content was offered, such as content based around food, like creation of a giant cake resembling the Kanazawa Mirai no Machi Creation Center and the chance to try insect-derived food, as well as the NOMACHI IDEA LEAGUE, where children from VIVISTOP Kanazawa presented ideas on how to make use of the pool at a former school building, and the DAMEDASHI event, where young people under the age of 22 congregated to share constructive criticism.

Waku Waku Festival 2022

The outcome of our work at the Kanazawa Mirai no Machi Creation Center was brought back to local residents in the form of the Waku Waku Festival, where we showcased the results of our activities in the six months since the center was opened. The event sought to allow visitors to use their five senses to experience the excitement that the future holds. We also held the collaborative event EAT KANAZAWA 2022. Japan's leading creators came out to the event from across the country.